Lost words…. books for Kent schools


You will probably have heard of the beautiful book, The Lost Words – you may even have a copy yourself.  It began as a response to the decision, in 2007, by the Oxford Junior Dictionary to replace words from nature with modern ‘everyday’ words.More

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It might have been otherwise…

The woman at the hospital reception asks if I’ve brought anyone with me. I shake my head, and she consults her computer. ‘But how will you get home?’ she asks, but she’s nice so I tell her I’ve got my car and I’m planning to drive home myself.… More

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50 Things To Do To Help Other People Today

Is it just me, but oh, how hard the news is to listen to right now. It seems we’re being fed a constant stream of people out to save their careers, to further their careers… etc etc.

So to get rid of the nasty taste in my mouth, I sat down with my journal today and made a list of 50 things I could do to help other people – some small, some requiring more of a commitment.… More

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Sleeping with books

I’m just back a week writing at Gladstone’s Library – a library with bedrooms. Bliss. Here are some photographs of the general gorgeousness…



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Good news, bad news – Writing for Wellbeing Workshop

Bad news… due to the snow, my sold-out Introduction to Writing for Wellbeing workshop this Saturday (3rd March) has been cancelled.

Good news… it is being held instead on Saturday 7th April.

Bad news… not all those booked on can make the new date.… More

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Owning a bookshop? That sounds like a nice thing to do….

Amazing the number of people who want to be writers. Or will be, anyway, once they have a bit of time. I imagine it’s almost the same number as want to run a pub or cafe. Although I could never understand that one.… More

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Going out on a playdate….

Remember when you were six, and a friend would knock on your door to see if you wanted to play?


That’s what Artists Dates should feel like! Although of course, it’s your own door you are knocking on. (And maybe sometimes slamming it shut?… More

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52 Artists Dates for 2018

You are probably aware of the concept of the Artist Date. It was named and made famous by Julia Cameron in her book The Artists Way as a way creative people can fill up their well once a week.

The Artist Date is a once-weekly, festive, solo expedition to explore
something that interests you.


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