A poetry trail round Tunbridge Wells

From 14th – 17th June, there’s a poetry festival in Tunbridge Wells – hurrah! So to celebrate, the writers in my two writing groups are running a poetry trail.

Nineteen shops running down Chapel Place and on The Pantiles will feature a poem in their windows, all written specially for them by a member of the group. We have a butcher, bookshops (x2), gin bar, garden shop, boutique, bed shop, art gallery, jeweller, camera shop and many more. Here’s the full list of shops, with the poets below.

And here’s one of the poems – Framptons is based in a building which used to be a bank, and you can still see the safe…

Framptons Café Bar & Kitchen
Dagmar Seeland

Money doesn’t talk here
Now it quietly walks in,
suit crumpled from the train,
loosens its tie
orders some wine
sits down
by the window.

This isn’t a statement
sort of place:
all exposed brick
and reclaimed wood,
where interest is shown
not accrued
and hugs are still
legal tender.

They don’t provide loans
(please don’t ask)
and banter is all
they exchange.
That gun by the bar
is there not by chance:
they use it for shooting
the breeze.

Money doesn’t really talk here
though some say they can hear
a soft murmur
from the safe over there
late at night;
perhaps it’s the spirits

Do come along and read more, and tell us what you think!

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