“Sarah is a warm, personable and friendly presenter / tutor.  Having never done any journaling before and having a fear of writing, I found her course Writing for Wellbeing to be a very useful mix of practical skills in writing a journal and to my surprise a very enjoyable experience!  I enjoyed the short exercises and her use of poetry.  I highly recommend Sarah as a tutor and her course Writing for Wellbeing.” C.S. (Counselling and Psychotherapy)

“Sarah is a natural communicator. She encourages collaboration and empowers people to express themselves. The one-day workshop combined the joy of discovering new poets with the opportunity to explore simple yet effective techniques that unlock personal creativity. She is utterly non-judgmental and open in her approach. I came away feeling challenged yet exhilarated by the experience.” Beverly Landais, certified coach ACC, FCMI, FCIM, RSA

“The unsent letter was a joy. It gave me permission to put into words how I felt about two people who have featured in my life and who have given kindness after kindness after kindness. There are some things that I cannot say to them directly as it would bring back sad memories for them, but what the letter did enable me to do was to tell them later on that week how much I value them. Actions did follow.” S.H.